In order to get a better idea of where the pitches are exactly on the compound, you can have a look here at some maps. This might help you with indicating a preference for a spot when booking.

Here you can have a look at the campsite’s map with all the pitch numbers. There is also a Google Earth view to complete the picture. All the way at the bottom you’ll find a list of cable lengths required in case you would like to book electricity with your pitch. 

Pitch Plan La Champagne
Small campsite Dordogne la Champagne Google Earth View
Campsite la Champagne Google Earth View

Keep in mind that the red dot indicating La Champagne is actually indicating the tiny hamlet of La Champagne. The small campsite itself is just to the left of it, on the banks of the Dordogne.

Powercable length required per pitch

Emplacement  Combien de mètres ?    Emplacement  Combien de mètres ?
R1 35m              T7 X
R2 25m   T8 X
R3 25m   T9 X
R4 25m   T10 X
R5 35m   T11 X
R6 40m   T12 X
R7 Tente Safari   B1 X
R8 50m   B2 35m
R9 35m   B3 25m
R10 25m   B4 25m
R11 25m   B5 25m
R12 35m   B6 Tente Safari
R13 40m   B7 X
R14 50m   B8 25m
R15 50m   B9 35m
R16 50m   B10 30m
ZE1 X   B11 25m
ZE2 30m   B12 25m
ZE3 X   B13 25m
ZE4 X   B14 35m
T1 25m   B15 25m
T2 25m   B16 25m
T3 Tente Safari   B17 25m
T4 25m   B18 25m
T5 25m   B19 25m
T6 35m   B21 30m
Camping La Champagne

Camping la Champagne

Camping La Champagne

Lieu dit La Champagne

19120 Brivezac


tel: +33 (0)6 48 47 23 51

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